Medway Porchfest: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Porchfest?
Porchfest is a grassroots music festival where local musicians perform on the porches or yards of homes throughout town. It originated as a way to showcase local talent, foster neighborhood connections, and create a festive atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. Medway's inaugural Porchfest, sponsored by the Medway Cultural Council, will feature a diverse lineup of musicians spanning various genres, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.
Where does Medway Porchfest take place?
Medway Porchfest will be happening at the Medway Community Farm and other various porches and yards around town. An interactive map will be available on our website closer to the event to help showcase performances and locations.
Who performs at Porchfest?
Any band, musical group, or solo act can perform. We are excited to feature local high school musicians and a wide variety of other local performers. Want to join the lineup? Register here!
How do I know what groups are performing?
An event map and complete schedule will be posted to this website closer to the event once all bands and host sites have registered.
I don’t live within walking distance to a host porch. What is the best way for me to attend?
We encourage you to check the event map for a host site near you or search the list of performers to find a type of music that you like. Street parking should be available at all locations.
Is there a cost to attend or anything I need to bring to a performance?
Porchfest is a free event! We encourage you to attend as many performances as you can and suggest that you bring a blanket or chair to enjoy the festivities.
How do I sign up to host or perform?
If you would like to perform at Medway Porchfest, simply register here. If you would like to do both by performing on your own porch, please complete two separate registrations – first as a porch and then as a performer so that you can select your porch as your performance location.
Is there a rain date?
Yes, in the event the Saturday, September 28th date is rained out, Medway Porchfest will be moved to Sunday, September 29th. Should we need to change to the rain date, we will notify all hosts and performers via email and social media by 6:00 pm on Friday, September 27th.
Do musicians get paid?
Porchfest is a free music festival. Organizers, performers, and porch hosts are not compensated and are freely giving their time and talent. If you would like to support a band, you are welcome to donate at the performance.
Who is organizing Medway Porchfest?
Medway Porchfest has been planned by a committee of volunteers with generous support from the Medway Cultural Council and a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.
What is the Porchfest Code of Respect?
All attendees are expected to be respectful of fellow guests, performers, neighbors, and their properties. Please be careful not to block driveways, sidewalks, or streets when parking if driving to a Porchfest site.
Medway Porchfest is a community-led and community-centered event. We aspire to create an inclusive, safe, and welcoming space for all performers and neighbors that gather here, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, sexual identity, background, disabilities, beliefs, or political affiliation. We believe mutual respect is the foundation of a healthy community so appreciate your kindness and cooperation.

Thank you for creating this community with us. We are glad you are here and look forward to celebrating a fantastic day of music with you!

Thank you to our fellow Porchfest Committees in Malden, Franklin, and Somerville for providing the helpful FAQs on which this page is modeled.